The anticipation has been building. After 80 hour work weeks, piles of paperwork and hours of planning, the time has finally come for me to embark on the beginning of my yearlong adventure.

Customers at work keep asking me if I’m excited. The truth: It’s not that I’m not excited… life just feels surreal right now. What does living in a new country entail? What will it be like to be in a whole new country with my two best friends (shout out to Joe and Chris) and complete independence? What will living in two completely different communities be like? Is this year one of those times in my life that will transform me? Will it transform my friendships? Who will I spend my time with? What will I do during my free time? What will I learn from the new people around me? What adventures will leave me in awe?

I think back to when I was beginning my first year at Holy Cross. I never would have imagined the people and experiences waiting for me on The Hill. And as I reflect on my first day at Holy Cross, I know that just like two years ago, I have no idea what awaits for me this semester. Despite questions buzzing through my head, I am confidently ready. I’ve earned all my money, my budget is set and my bags are packed. It is time to step away from obsessively planning for this trip and embrace the unknown. Realizing that I have no idea what the world has in store for me is difficult to grasp. However, here’s to embracing the surreal and always living in the moment; I refuse to miss a thing.


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